Hotfix PVS710TargetDeviceWX64002

Hotfix PVS710TargetDeviceWX64002 is the most recent patch for your provisioned images and it contains a fix for a known BSOD on CFsDep2.sys as well a NIC teaming enhancement for HP Moonshot Broadcom NICs. It also replaces the previous public target-side release (PVS710TargetDeviceWX64001) which has the important “Cache on device RAM with overflow on HD” fix that enables the RAM portion. Get it here.

Hotfix 19 (CPVS61019)

CPVS61019 (widely known as Hotfix 19) is the most current patch for PVS 6.1. It contains both server and target binaries and it’s essentially a full reinstall of PVS. Yes, it does require reverse imaging to upgrade your targets but in turn you get a whole lotta fixes from Stream Process to HA failover and Console performance improvements. Highly recommended! Get it here.