Who Is the PVS Guy?


My name is Konstantin Cvetanov and I am a Technical Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in design and implementation of virtualization solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Before my current role, I worked at Citrix as an Escalation Engineer fixing issues of high complexity, mitigating production outages, and finding bugs in the code. During my time at Citrix I specialized in the Provisioning Services product line and that’s when I made this website to share my experience with other IT enthusiasts out there. I’ve recently added new sections to talk about other products like XenDesktop and NetScaler, but make no mistake – PVS will always be my baby!

DISCLAIMER: The knowledge produced on this website is only for the purposes of helping the community through sharing personal experience and point of view and in no way does it represent any support statements from the company I work for nor it bears any responsibility from Citrix.

One thought on “Who Is the PVS Guy?

  1. i have 2 individual windows 2008 terminal servers on a PVS gold image srver. i have about 20 evenly spread users on each TS. i want to image each TS server and restore as seperate VMs on an esx farm then decommission the PVS server. will that affect anything if i have a load balancer already. i have user profiles on each server and all the apps are identical. this is just a test for DR purposes if the PVS server fails.

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