How to Apply a Cumulative Hotfix on Your PVS Servers?

Hello Folks,

In today’s HOW-TO edition we’ll cover a fairly simple but very important method: applying a cumulative hotfix that requires a full reinstall of PVS on your two HA configured Provisioning servers. Here are the steps:

1. Download a hotfix such as CPVS61019 from

2. Stop the Stream service on PVS01. Your targets should fail over to PVS02. Reinstall PVS Console and Server software from the hotfix package on PVS01.

3. Rerun the PVS Configuration Wizard. When presented with farm options, select “Farm is already configured.”

4. Breeze through the Config Wizard. Fortunately, the tool selects by default your previous configuration settings, so no need to change anything unless you really need to. If the process completes successfully, Soap and Stream services will be restarted automatically.

5. Stop the Stream service on PVS02. Your targets should fail over to PVS01. Repeat the same procedure 1-3 on PVS02. You can then rebalance your targets manually if needed.

6. You are done.

Note: I generally recommend scheduling a maintenance window for updating your servers. Even though the procedure can be finished in 10 minutes, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where HA failover doesn’t work as expected and you lose half of your connections when stopping the services.

Easy wasn’t it? 🙂